Digital Mission

We are in the midst of the biggest communication shift since the advent of the printing press 500 years ago.  Digital technology has changed the way people think, communicate and live and the church is invited to change too.  In the last 60 seconds, 1 million people logged onto Facebook, 3.8 million searches were made on Google, 4.5 million videos were viewed on YouTube and 347,222 users were scrolling on Instagram.  This is the digital world; part of the world we live in, the world God loves and the world Christ’s church is called to bear witness to.

In the EMBA, we are passionate about equipping churches to enter this world and use its platforms to witness to Christ.  For digital natives amongst us, living faithfully in this arena may come naturally, however there will be others of us for which this is new territory. In order to help all our churches engage well in digital mission, we want to resource you in two ways – through digital consultancy and through online resources.

Digital Mission Consultancy

We have recruited 3 experienced digital mission consultants to help EMBA churches improve their digital presence and outreach.  Each EMBA church is able to book one one-hour digital consultation paid for by the Association.   The consultation could be used to assess a church’s digital presence or seek advice about a known challenge.  Following the consultation, the church will receive a brief report, recording any advice given and suggesting steps forward.  If a church needs professional help in developing its digital presence the EMBA consultants are available on a contracted basis.  If finance would prohibit this development work, then a new Digital Mission Grant is available for churches that meet the criteria.  Please note that the emphasis is on digital mission, not internal communications.

Digital Mission Grants
Match-funded grants for outward focused digital mission developments.
Open Digital Mission Grants

Digital Consultants
Meet the consultants and book your free consultation
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Online Resources
Curated online training, resources and information.
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Hannah Fleming Hill
EMBA Comms Lead
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