EMBTC Small Building Project Grants

Small Building Project Grants are given to support Baptist churches in membership of the East Midland Baptist Association (EMBA) in the maintenance, renewal and development of their church buildings.

Church buildings are often inherited as a gift from our forebears and their maintenance and proper use is part of the ongoing mission of the church.  Maintenance can be a challenge though, particularly in the case of older buildings.


The East Midland Baptist Trust Company (EMBTC) established the Small Building Project Grant fund to assist churches in their mission by encouraging them to deal with essential fabric issues before they become too serious.  These grants are not intended as a contribution towards large projects where they would represent a small portion of the total budget, but for smaller projects where a successful application would make a noticeable difference.

Guidance Notes

Application form

Mr Gary Anderson is the EMBTC Director with responsibility for Small Building Project Grants.

For more information, please email Gary or phone 07872 301 340.