Home Mission

Home Mission is the financial resource that provides for the Baptist family to function at a central and local level.

Every church that belongs to the Baptist Union or one of the Associations is supported by Home Mission – we all benefit in some way – whether through specialist advice from one of the National Teams, support and encouragement from your regional team or a grant – so it is hoped that all will contribute to the family purse.

All Baptist churches are asked to give to Home Mission, with a current recommended minimum being 5% of the church’s income or £40 per member per year. 

EMBA giving to Home Mission in 2023 totalled £240,034.91.

A huge thank you to our churches for their continued support to the work of Home Mission, especially given the additional challenges presented by the pandemic.

As a Baptist Family, let us continue to love, support and care for one another and share God’s generosity so that in turn others may be blessed and God’s Kingdom be extended.   

Home Mission Stories

Giving to Home Mission 

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