East Midland Baptist Trust Company (EMBTC)

Aims and objectives

The East Midland Baptist Trust Company Limited is a company limited by guarantee and also a registered charity and its objects are as set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association dated 1 January 2002 and include provision as to:

  • The promotion of Evangelical religion in the East Midlands or elsewhere according to the principles and usage for the time being of Protestants of the Baptist Denomination.
  • Promote, or assist in promoting, or assist in the building, repairing and restoring places or centres of worship, Ministers’ houses, Halls, Schools, Colleges. Institutions and other buildings.
  • Provide moneys required for all or any of such purposes.
  • The exercising of corporate trusteeship over those churches in trust with the company.

Custodian Trust Funds

These are for Churches where a property has been sold and the money is being held. The investment strategy is to deliver a 3% yield while maintaining the long term purchasing power of the capital against inflation. The Trustees have delegated the detailed monitoring of the portfolio to the Finance Committee. The investments are managed within the ethical guidelines set down by the Trustees. Within the investment strategy, the investment managers have discretion over particular investments. The investment managers are Charles Stanley for all equity-based investments. A balance of the total assets are held in cash.

EMBTC Board of Trustees

Dr Chris Hanning - Moderator of EMBTC

Mr Gary Anderson - EMBTC Director with responsibility for Small Building Project Grants

Email Gary or phone 07872 301 340

Mrs Becky Nicholls - Company Secretary

Mr Tim Jackson - Treasurer

Revd Mark Clay - Regional Team Leader

Revd Mike Fegredo - Regional Minister

Mr John Hemes - Trustee

Correspondence address - EMBA Office, West Bridgford Baptist Church, Melton Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7NF

For general enquiries email Becky Nicholls or phone 07763 401 793

For finance related matters email Tim Jackson or phone 07720 458 626 

Registered Number: 00178555
Charity Number: 250068