Safeguarding Training

EMBA has a team of safeguarding trainers across the Association who have been trained by the BUGB National Safeguarding Team, to be able to deliver the BUGB Excellence in Safeguarding Training at Level 2 and 3.

EMBA safeguarding training programme

Please click here to see up to date details of the safeguarding trainings taking place within EMBA during 2022. Please note this is a rolling training programme and will be updated as and when new training venues are confirmed.

Level 2 and Level 3 training will now each be delivered in three hours.

Those who need to complete both Level 2 and Level 3 training must complete Level 2 training before attending Level 3.

Hosting a Training

If any EMBA church is interested in hosting a safeguarding training, please contact Becky Nicholls for further information.

To book an in-person training place

Booking is essential.

To book places, please email Becky Nicholls (EMBA Safeguarding Administrator) at with the following details:

  • attendee name(s)
  • church name
  • details of role(s) undertaken in church life
  • details of any accessibility requirements.


EMBA will then confirm that the place(s) are available and advise payment instructions.


Safeguarding training fees

Please click here for information regarding EMBA safeguarding training fees.  

Who should attend training?

Level 1: a short film for the whole church, designed to raise awareness of safeguarding.  The film can be accessed here.

Level 2: training to be undertaken by ALL who work with children, young people or adults at risk in a Baptist church including ministers, leaders, deacons, Designated Person for Safeguarding (DPS) and Safeguarding Trustee. This should be renewed every four years.

Level 3To be completed following Level 2 training. Training to be undertaken by all those with LEADERSHIP responsibilities; ministers, leaders, deacons, DPS, SG Trustee together with the main leaders of all church run groups. This should be renewed every four years.


Please click here for further information regarding training requirements.

BUGB Excellence in Safeguarding Training

For more detailed information about the BUGB ‘Excellence in Safeguarding’ training please click here 

Renewal of training

Safeguarding training needs to be renewed every four years.

Employment safeguarding training

Irrespective of any safeguarding training you may have received through your employment, the advice would still be to attend the BUGB Excellence in Safeguarding level 2 and 3 training (as appropriate) every four years. 

There will inevitably be some crossover of information between employment and church safeguarding training.  However, the BUGB Excellence in Safeguarding level 2 and 3 training is specific to safeguarding in a Baptist church context and so will cover topics not mentioned in the training that employers provide.